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Our Mission:

The LaGrange County Soil and Water Conservation District exists to provide leadership and assistance in the proper use and management of soil, water and related natural resources in LaGrange County, Indiana. 

We are a governmental sub-division of State of Indiana (Indiana Code 14-32).  We were duly organized in March of 1952.  We have a governing body of five supervisors, three of which are elected at Annual Meeting and two of which are appointed by the SSCB.  They are three-year terms and they represent the public as officials of the District and State.  The District boundaries follow the LaGrange County boundaries. 

Who we are:

What we do:

We are a local unit of government responsible for soil and water within county boundaries.  We work together for natural resource conservation and development.  We evaluate local soil and water needs and set priorities. We also provide local leadership for soil and water resource concerns. 

Who we serve:

General public and landowners

Teachers, schools and students

4-H and other youth organizations

Wildlife organizations

Realtors and contractors

Ag-related businesses

local service clubs

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